Automatic sprinkler systems

Fast, efficient and reliable. Automatic sprinklers extinguish blazes quickly – preventing fires from spreading until the fire department arrives. They can often mean the difference between a minor disruption… and a major disaster.

Wet sprinkler systems

To extinguish a blaze, these systems funnel water through a network of pipes to sprinkler heads. Often integrated into fire alarm systems, wet sprinkler systems automatically warn you and your team of a fire – while alerting the fire department.

Dry sprinkler systems

These systems use dry chemicals to extinguish a fire. This makes them perfect for areas where water may freeze.

Pre-action systems

Pre-action systems are activated by an automated detection system. Charged with air, pipes stop water from being released onto the hazard (if needed).

Deluge systems

Deluge systems can quickly flood an area. The rate of water flow is determined by the predicted fire risk.

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