About Us

Brisbane Fire Protection was founded by Darren Lauchs and Mark Flynn in 1999. Since our humble beginnings in minor sprinkler system works, we’ve grown rapidly to encompass all aspects of fire protection, to provide a total fire solution.

Since then, we have consistently built a reputation for always performing to the highest standards; advising, training and helping our clients understand how their building’s fire protection equipment protects their life and property.

Today, Brisbane Fire Protection has the infrastructure, personnel and flexibility to manage projects and services of any size and complexity, meeting all your requirements on time and to the highest quality.

Why choose us?

Our dedicated team

We have carefully hand-picked our experienced team, ensuring they have the full training needed to handle all aspects of fire protection services and installations. We have total confidence in their ability to provide you with the highest quality advice and service.

The Brisbane Fire Protection team are highly motivated and genuinely committed to producing high quality work. They are the reason we have been at the forefront of fire protection in Queensland for over 15 years.

Safety first philosophy

Above all, we work to provide a safe and healthy environment for our customers, subcontractors and employees. We achieve the highest standards of safety performance by ensuring that all appropriate procedures are in place, and all our team are fully trained. With the help and support of our Safety Management team, we constantly strive to achieve an injury-free workplace.

Continuous improvement ethic

We continuously review our policies and procedures to keep pace with changing legislation, community and personnel standards, and your expectations. It gives you the peace-of-mind of knowing that Brisbane Fire Protection is always up-to-date with current requirements, and that our technicians are educated accordingly.

Fully licensed and compliant

Brisbane Fire Protection is a licensed Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) contractor, a mandatory requirement for maintaining fire protection systems, installations and fire fighting equipment in Queensland under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008. We’re also fully compliant with the relevant Australian Standard: AS 1851-2012  Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.